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Since 2007 Rob Andrews has worked in the SEO and Content Marketing fields and is an established writer and trusted provider of thought-leadership for hundreds of SEO, advertising and marketing agencies worldwide.

From 2013, he served as a Manager of Product at Posirank.com, the leading SEO white label service provider. In July 2017, he was promoted to VP of Operations at Posirank.

He maintains extensive contacts with agencies at all levels of growth and expertise, and is contacted by many who seek out his counsel about the selling process, especially as it applies to the SEO industry, or who are exploring the possibilities of using an SEO white label provider for their in-house SEO clients, or who are just looking at the SEO needs for their own business website.

Here's "Rob's Reward" -- Let's talk and I'll try to come up with at least 1 great idea that you are not using now! (Pssst… I am not part of our sales staff, so no sales pitch will come your way.)

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Why Another Pitch For A Site Audit?

I can just hear the reactions already: Sigh. Yet another person telling us that we need to do a site audit? Stop already! But allow us, if you will, just a few minutes of your (admittedly) valuable time to make a couple of points here.

voice search preliminaries

In the first installment in this series on Voice Search, we covered some basic information about what VS search is and the mindset necessary to effectively leverage this evolving technology.

web page content

voice searchvoice searchvoice search
Welcome friends to this first-in-a-series of informative blog posts on the subject of “voice search.” If you regularly read SEO, marketing or tech blogs, you know that in recent months this subject has become the focus of much writing – and speculation.

Featured Snippets Example

For about the last 6 months, I have been repeatedly re-watching a documentary entitled “Becoming Warren Buffet” (2017, HBO Documentary Films). It has the usual footage of his birth and family life, education, etc. What fascinated me most, however, was information on his personal work style.

Dear Friends in the SEO Industry:

As most of you are no doubt aware, over the past months the so-called Google Penguin penalty has undergone some significant changes (you can see a summary of all of this at this link). Put very simply, whereas in the past Penguin actively penalized sites with spammy/low-value backlinks, today’s incarnation (which incidentally rolls out updates continuously now) simply devalues the links, so that they will have no ranking value whatsoever.