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Rob Andrews

Since 2007 Rob Andrews has worked in the SEO and Content Marketing fields and is an established writer and trusted provider of thought-leadership for hundreds of SEO, advertising and marketing agencies worldwide.

From 2013, he served as a Manager of Product at Posirank.com, the leading SEO white label service provider. In July 2017, he was promoted to VP of Operations at Posirank.

He maintains extensive contacts with agencies at all levels of growth and expertise, and is contacted by many who seek out his counsel about the selling process, especially as it applies to the SEO industry, or who are exploring the possibilities of using an SEO white label provider for their in-house SEO clients, or who are just looking at the SEO needs for their own business website.

Here's "Rob's Reward" -- Let's talk and I'll try to come up with at least 1 great idea that you are not using now! (Pssst… I am not part of our sales staff, so no sales pitch will come your way.)

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Webinars – eBooks – apps – software tools – it seems like the online world is going crazy promoting digital products. With the availability of platforms for the sale and distribution of these products, this has opened up new opportunities for many – perhaps you are also one of those people who want to be successful in selling digital products online.

In our continuing series on ecomm SEO (see here for the first installment if you have missed it), last time we covered issues specific to optimization of images and getting your product page detail fine-tuned.


Today, we’re excited to talk about one of our clients that manages a major site in the commercial real estate niche – specifically, operating a portal for those looking to be tenants.

ecomm seo

In our continuing series on ecomm SEO (see here for the first installment if you have missed it), last time we introduced the topic of getting your site ready, specific things that should be done, before you actually start taking customers. In today’s installment, we continue (and finish) this area by discussing your visual assets (images and videos) as well as what needs doing to get your product page information whipped into shape.

seo client priorities

OK, so you have this new SEO client, and you have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things you are going to have to tackle in order to get their SEO rankings where they need to be.

Here at Posirank, we literally have hundreds of people involved in our backend operations, involved with all the various minutiae of putting together and executing on various types of SEO campaigns. As VP of Operations here, it keeps me busy! But, over the years, I have identified who my key staff are, and I set up staff 1-1 meetings with each of them, short reviews that last 15-30 minutes each, with each of them, every other Friday.

ecomm seo

To recap our series so far, we introduced the topic of SEO for ecommerce sites and suggested some ways to improve your rankings by enhancing the overall reputation of your ecomm site. Last time, we talked about some specific priorities relative to moving your site visitors from a casual visitor to “sold”.

seo marketing best practices

With this post, we want to introduce Mike Kim, our ace sales, marketing and new business development guy to the Posirank blog as a guest contributor. There is no one better qualified to address the question of, “How do I get effective in picking up clients for my SEO business?” Whether you are a newbie to selling SEO services or a seasoned pro, you’ll find some practical help with SEO marketing best practices below. Enjoy!       Rob Andrews, VP Operations, Posirank.com

In our first two articles in this series on ecomm SEO, we considered some introductory matters, and talked about the importance of your website authority and trustworthiness as an overall ranking signal. Today, we continue and deepen our thinking about your customer base.

ecommerce seo tactics

Last time, we introduced some of the topics that we were going to cover in this latest series on ecommerce SEO (SEO considerations vis-a-vis ecommerce sites), as well as stressed the importance of really knowing your audience. In this second article, we are going to consider specifically the importance of reputation.