Customers Look For The Dirt On Your Biz – Use That!

According to some recent research compiled by PowerReviews with Northwestern University, 82% of shoppers “…specifically seek out negative reviews” of a business.

That’s an astounding statistic – but it immediately suggests a key tactic that you can leverage to your advantage over competitors – but only if you are diligent in your reputation management efforts.

Simply put, if so many customers/prospective customers are looking for the dirt on you, if there is any there (in the form of negative reviews) you need to address it in a way that will enhance your reputation and make it more likely that they will feel comfortable doing business (or continuing to do business) with your firm.

If Some Are Dishing Dirt – Turn It Into Gravy!

First off, if there are negative comments about your biz out there — welcome to the club! There is literally no business that has years of service to the public, with a larg(er) customer base, that has not gotten, at least occasionally, a negative review.

The key is in how you respond to what they have posted.

If you suspect it is fake, try to get it removed (often this will not happen though).

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Call Out Phony Business Reviews!

If you are absolutely sure it is a fake review then reply to the reviewer and offer them a 100% refund. This will do two things:

  1. If the review is phony, you will lose nothing, as the review is false and there is no customer to refund anything to.
  2. If the review is real, this will encourage your disgruntled customer to reach out to you and you can then have further conversations. If you resolve the situation positively, make sure that the reviewer updates their comment (and you can do the same as well). Make sure that if the customer insists, as you made a promise, that you honor the 100% refund pledge, or else they will continue to attack you further and your reputation will suffer further harm!

Some Other Tips: The Role of Reviews

reviews from customers

When Is It Important To Get Customer Reviews?

Here are some recommendations and tips from the research study mentioned above:

  • Reviews really matter when the purchase price is high.
  • Reviews are also important if you are launching a new product or brand, or creating a brand-new category of product/service.
  • Reviews are important when consumer safety is a big concern (think child car seats or nutritional supplements).
  • Longer (word count) and more detailed reviews are more influential than shorter ones.
  • With shorter reviews, there need to be more of them (in positive territory) to move the customer to look upon you favorably.

Just a quick reminder – if you need help with managing online reputation, check out our Reputation Management service. We’ve helped many clients (and agencies with clients) to resolve/reduce the impact of negative online reviews. Check your Posirank account dashboard and look for “Reputation Management.”

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