Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 9-5-2017

Welcome to another edition of our GW hangouts recap.  If you’re unfamiliar with what these posts are all about check out the intro here.

This instalment offered some great webmaster insights in regards to recovering from penalties, why aggregators may rank above you, and some technical tips to get the most out of your site.

What To Do When Your Homepage Isn’t In First Position For Your Brand Name

There could be a couple of things happening here.  Is your brand essentially 2 normal words put together?  This could cause “confusion” when the algo is determining how to rank you.  There could be other technical issues such as site migrations.

Here’s How Long It Takes To Recover From a Manual Action Penalty

When you clean up whatever issues your site may have and re-submit, there could be a 3 week delay in reinstatement.  If the manual action was taken due to spammy links  your site may not rank as well.

Here’s Why Aggregators May Rank Above You Using Your Content

Google is always trying to improve their understanding of the original source of content.  However, occasionally this may happen because the aggregator’s site may be higher quality than your site.

It May Not Be In Your Best Interest To Create Multiple Sites Targeting The Same Vertical

Google’s John Mueller believes that doing this may actually hurt your chances of ranking for your desired terms.  If you’re creating “ok” content across multiple sites you’re losing out to competitors who create excellent content on one site.  Although we’ve seen success with this strategy in the past.

Here’s What The Priority of Crawl Errors In Search Console Mean

The goal of the prioritizing crawl errors is to give the webmaster a list of which errors are more likely to be seen by users.  These errors would be of higher priority as people will actually run into them when using your site.  Clear these up first.

Linking From Your Own Blog To Your Ecommerce Store Is OK

If you over link from multiple sites you own to your store you may run the risk of a manual action.  Excessive linking within your own properties can be viewed similarly as paid links or PBN links


This week brought another strong message for creating comprehensive content across your entire domain.  It could mean the difference between ranking well, not at all, or not above others republishing that content.  One good article isn’t enough.  There should be a focus on developing strong content on the domain as whole.

Is your content the best version it can be?  Comprehensive content is winning ranking vs the most optimized content.  When you combine the two you’ve got a well rounded strategy for gaining top rankings.  As always, our elite staff of American writers are here to help.  And if you think your site may not be “up to snuff” in terms of optmization we highly recommend you start with an on-site audit.  A well built foundation lasts the tests of time.

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